Buying an engagement ring is an important purchase most individuals only do once in their lifetime. Although engagement ring shopping is traditionally a one-time occurrence, there are several engagement ring tips buyers wish they had known prior to purchasing. Sometimes buyers do not hit the nail on the head the first time around, leading their significant other to either want to upgrade their ring, redo their setting, or even attempt to return the ring and start again from scratch. For those who want to avoid these unfortunate outcomes that sometimes arise after buying an engagement ring - these tips are for you!


  1. Know the Center Stone Shape


If your partner is saving images and links of cushion cut diamond rings and you do not know what cushion means - this could lead - the buying process will be a bit strenuous. There are many diamond shapes and knowing “cushion cut” refers to the shape of an engagement ring’s center stone is the most important detail you should incorporate into the design! Think of it like this - if you ordered an iced coffee and were given an iced tea - you’d probably be a bit frustrated! 


  1. Find out the Finger Size

If you're buying an engagement ring for your partner, knowing their finger size is incredibly crucial! The best way to find out their finger size is to ask them, or even better - take them to get sized! If you are afraid to ruin a planned surprise, get help from their friends and family. Common ring sizes range from a size 2.5 to size 12 - a pretty big gap! The most common finger size ranges between size 5 and size 7. We can size a ring up or down a size if you are a little off - but if a ring is more than a size or two too big or too small problems arise! There are also a number of at-home methods to find your ring size!


  1. Have a Budget in Mind


A common mistake many make while buying an engagement ring is veering over their budget and then regretting the purchase or worse, putting themselves in an unfortunate financial situation because they did not set a budget in the first place. We offer rings both in stock and custom, to suit a wide variety of budgets. We also offer payment plans such as financing, layaway plans, and the option to pay via credit card in order to make the purchase convenient and more reasonable when you and your partner are ready to take this next exciting step!


  1. Find a Jeweler that has a Team with Experience and Diamond Knowledge

Each team member has the experience and education to properly educate buyers on the ring design process and simplify diamond terminologies such as the four C’s, pricing, and more.  From the first time, we meet in person or virtually, speak on the phone, or send an email, we are dedicated to providing you with the proper facts to make an educated decision when shopping for your engagement ring. Additionally, our staff is trained in a top-of-the-line atmosphere, with all the modern tools to assist you in the selection process.  There are a lot of details that go into selecting a custom engagement ring style and center stone and we are here to guide you every step of the way!


  1. Brainstorm Setting Designs that Suit Your Fiancé's Personality 


An essential engagement ring buying tip is to ensure the ring you choose or custom make suits your partner’s personality. If your partner happens to be rather simple and you choose something very flashy, it may not complement their day-to-day identity. Your design consultant will help to make sure your partner will be comfortable with wearing the ring every day for eternity and beyond!


  1. Consider Your Timeframe

Unless you happen to like one of our beautiful in-stock engagement rings, We need at least 4-5 weeks to make your custom engagement ring. Most client opts to go the custom route as it is no additional cost and allows us to design a ring that suits your partner’s personal style, your price range, and more importantly, fit’s their finger! Unlike most jewelers - we hand make all of our engagement rings. Hand fabrication is the ONLY method where a piece of jewelry is created from scratch by a skilled craftsman, while more common methods like casting rely on additive manufacturing techniques to assist in the process. Because handmade pieces take additional labor, they also take a little longer than simply placing a stone into a pre-made setting like most other jewelers! To ensure you have your engagement ring by the date you plan to propose, speak with a design consultant well in advance. A good rule of thumb is to get the process going 2-3 months in advance, which gives you plenty of wiggle room!

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